Consulting Board

Jessé Souza


Jessé Souza holds an undergraduate degree in Law from the University of Brasília (1981), MSc in Sociology from the University of Brasília (1986), PhD in Sociology from Karl Ruprecht Universität Heidelberg, Germany (1991), Postdoc in Philosophy and Psychoanalysis at New School for Social research of New York, USA (1994-1995) and Sociology Habilitation at Universität Flensburg, Germany (2006).

He has partaken in several post-doctoral training programs and was a Visiting Professor at Universität Bremen, Germany (1999-2000). He wrote and coordinated 27 books as well as over 100 articles and book chapters in several languages on social theory, Brazilian social thinking, and theoretical/practical studies on inequality and social classes in present-day Brazil.

He is a Full Professor at UFABC (Federal University of ABC). He recently published the books “A elite do atraso: da escravidão a lava jato [The regression elite: from slavery to the car wash]”, “A tolice da inteligência brasileira [The foolishness in Brazilian intelligence]”, in 2015, and “A radiografia do golpe [X-ray of the coup]” in 2016, both published by Editora Leya. In 2017 he published “Inequality in capitalist Societies”, by Routledge Publishing House, alongside Boike Rehbein and Surinder Jodkha.